CSW Volunteers – Pets as Therapy

With Crufts 2019 just finished and thoughts of our canine friends still on our minds this article features three Somerset volunteers and their family pets. These CSW volunteers undertake regular visits into their local community hospital, taking with them their much loved dogs. These therapeutic visits are all about animals helping humans. The volunteers share…


Spotlight On – NCS

NCS is a youth programme that runs across England and Northern Ireland. We exist to engage, unite and empower young people, building their confidence so they can go out there and achieve their dreams, no matter where they’re from or what their background is. Our team in the South West is constantly working to make sure…


NCW 2019 – Give a Career Insight – Tracey Burley

Tracey Burley is the managing director of Cognus Limited and a member of the company’s board of directors. She joined Cognus in 2017, bringing more than 15 years of public service leadership, expertise in working with children and young people and management experience of bridging the gap between the private and public sector, to her…


NCW2019 – Careers Advisers and the Labour Market

The value that a careers adviser adds with their up to date knowledge around routes into employment and the local and national labour market. One of the most important parts of my work as a careers adviser is to support young people to navigate the many educational options and future careers that could be available…


Apprenticeship Myth Busting

Apprenticeships are a great way to kick start your career but this route can sometimes be confusing. We want to look at a few of the myths surrounding apprenticeships.. see below for our myth busting facts.