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At CSW Group, we are CEIAG experts and professionals who have the qualifications, skills and extensive knowledge to help students, young people and vulnerable adults build brighter futures. We have over 25 years of experience delivering services in a range of educational settings, including schools, sixth forms, colleges and special schools across the South West and beyond.

Our size and experience mean that we combine industry expertise with comprehensive local knowledge. We are large enough that we bring the benefits of an organisation at the forefront of the careers industry, but not so large that we don’t understand the local landscape. Our staff live and work within the communities that they support and we develop services that are fully responsive to local needs, whilst also being responsive to national and regional strategies and changes in government policy.

We aim to make a difference to people’s lives by:

  • Helping people identify and recognise a need to make a positive change
  • Diagnosing the barriers and obstacles to that change
  • Developing supported strategies to make it happen
  • Facilitating the change, and helping people develop the resilience they need to sustain the change.

So whether you’re a school or college looking to boost your students’ prospects, an employer wanting to build your team, or a parent or carer supporting children or vulnerable adults, we’ll always be right here when you need us.

Investor in Careers

As a leading Licensed Awarding Body for the national Quality in Careers Standard, we provide a comprehensive support service around the delivery of the award.

Work Experience

We are committed to provide a work experience service that supports young people, schools, colleges and businesses work together to achieve meaningful & safe work experience.

Personal Guidance

We can provide independent, relevant and ambitious careers guidance to support young people; helping them to better understand their individual needs.


We manage the Transitions Contracts on behalf of our Local Authorities to support young people to make successful transitions into employment, education & training.

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