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We manage and deliver a broad range of programmes in partnership with commissioners and multi-tiered supply chains. We build, develop and refine partnerships to enable more effective achievement of outcomes and to share learning to improve services. We believe that partnership work is essential to achieving positive outcomes and fully meeting the needs of those our programmes support, as well as providing essential evidence to commissioners on what works to inform future commissioning.

Working in partnership and opportunities

CSW, is a not-for-profit social enterprise. We deliver a range of services nationally, with a specific focus on the South and West. We provide contracts that support businesses, young people and adults through key transition points. We deliver services that build aspiration and turn it into achievement, unlocking potential and developing individuals and organisations.

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We currently work with a wide variety of subcontractors and providers across the whole business and base our practices on Merlin principles. Working with a range of partners enables us to enhance our offering to customers and commissioners alike and these partners are a mix of SME’s, social enterprises, larger corporate organisations and local authorities. Within our supply chain we champion the sharing of best practice and knowledge with open lines of communication to maximise funding streams and opportunities.

A not-for-profit, CSW is driven by impact and success, not shareholders, so are able to reinvest in products and services to further improve that impact. We offer our supply chain partners a transparent and open way of working, allowing for developing best practice and a team approach to delivery. The breadth of our working makes us an attractive partner for smaller or voluntary organisations who may lack the resources or scope to bid in to larger contracts. Equally we make a good partner for larger organisations looking to broaden their scope and access new areas with our broad variety of work, specialised knowledge and strong relationships with commissioners.

CSW Group regularly looks to the market for new partners, both on existing contracts and future bidding opportunities. We welcome interest from business of all size and sector to build on our dynamic, enthusiastic network and further enhance our offering.

How can you help as a Business?

CSW Group works with businesses to help them create greater exposure to their job opportunities, align skills to needs more effectively, and support workforce development. We help young people to carve careers in developing sectors and help businesses to develop and harness the skills needed to grow their business.

We can help businesses to navigate the, often complicated, world of Apprenticeship provision and the Apprenticeship levy. We ensure that businesses secure the Apprenticeship provision that is most appropriate to their needs via our network of highly-respected and trusted training providers.

By supporting our activity, businesses can help inspire the next generation of the workforce ensuring that young people are prepared for the world of work. Engaging with schools provides opportunities for employees to develop, businesses to access education providers and enhance their own outreach activity

Businesses are key in inspiring the workforce of tomorrow, but how can you, as a business, help? At CSW we can support you to find the right activity for your business and your employees. There are several ways you can get involved, with a few examples below. If you have an idea or would just like to chat through the options please call us on 07810656033 or email us on bizdev@cswgroup.co.uk.

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