CSW Group are utilising the skills and life experience of Volunteers to assist us by enhancing our local delivery of the Transitions contract. CSW staff linked to schools and partner agencies are continuing their support for vulnerable young people in keeping with the ambition of enabling all them all to be in Education, Employment or Training and are actively identifying young people who will benefit from accessing support from our volunteers. Across all our delivery areas we have volunteers who support young people in a range of different mentoring activities such as accompanying young people to interviews, support with independent living skills, money management, travel training, mock interviews etc.

Sue Hunter, CSW Volunteers Manager & Business Development (Community Services) leads our service to volunteers and is supported by area Volunteer leads across our delivery areas.

Our CSW Group Torbay Volunteer team consists of Alan Tucker, Sara Basnett, Sarah Baillie and supported by Darren Baker, Career Development Consultant. Our Volunteer team have an array of skills and expertise in different vocational sectors and are keen to support and mentor young people to help them to make a smooth transition into a positive outcome. Their reasons for volunteering: ‘unlocking young people’s potential’, ‘helping young people to learn how to help themselves’ and ‘removing barriers to help young people to achieve their own personal goals’.

They have recently launched a ‘Digital Skills Workshop’ at Parkfield House in Paignton. The focus of these workshops is to support unemployed and vulnerable young people aged 16-19 to access employment. The ‘Torbay Volunteer Team’ will actively support young people to learn basic ICT skills, use the internet, email and On-line websites to apply for jobs. They will also help young people to register and use the apprenticeship website, prepare for interviews and help them to produce their CV. The expected outcome is that all who visit our workshop will have the confidence and knowledge to make applications which generate entry to apprenticeships and employment. CSW Career Development Consultants will refer young people on their caseloads to the workshops.

CSW staff attend events throughout the year, Darren recently attended the Job Fair in Torquay and following this we have been in contact with the young people we work with to inform them of vacancies, including some ‘Christmas Seasonal Vacancies’. A number have already shown an interest in them and we are actively helping them to get the jobs.

CSW Group maintain our links and knowledge of the local labour market and job opportunities. At this time of year, Christmas is approaching, those networks are a vital source of fresh hope and ideas for the young people our volunteers are supporting.

The Torbay ‘Digital Skills Workshop’ is officially launched on Monday 30th September. It takes place between 2pm – 4pm at Parkfield House, 38 Esplanade Road, Paignton every Monday. Unemployed young people aged 16-19 are encouraged by CSW Group to drop into the session so we can assist them to look for work.