CSW Business Plan

Foreword from CSW Managing Director, Chris Saxby

This one-year plan outlines the commitments CSW are making to our customers, ourselves and our owners, re-positioning ourselves through revitalized strategic activity.  Our purpose has been re-visited, our vision re-structured, our mission re-stated, our values renewed, and our planning re-energized.

In common with our local authority owners, our schools, many local businesses and especially our most vulnerable young people, we face a considerable challenge post-pandemic that is impossible to deliver alone.  While alignment, focus and discipline in delivering our plans will be critical to our future success, so will be the depth of relationships we build in this coming period: within our teams; with our commissioners and owners; and of course, with our customers.

In this plan we note the positives from the previous year and demonstrate a continuation of our general direction; this is a stabilising plan.  While cognisant of the continuing degree of uncertainty around the opportunities for short-term growth, this has added a sharpness to our objective setting and performance management.  Our work will be demonstrably transparent enabling stakeholders, both internal and external, to make judgements about our progress and prepare us well for the collaborative growth certain to follow.

As we work with our four local authorities in support of regional recovery, what is clear is that our work has never been more needed.  Encouraging the next generation onto solid, secure pathways that lead to education, training and employment is a critical component of the SW peninsula’s resurgence.

I would like to thank all our staff and our enterprise partners for their continued hard work, passion and commitment to building a future where every individual can contribute positively to society and lead a fulfilling life; we look forward to creating trust, sustaining services and working collaboratively as we continue to build brighter futures.