CSW Business Plan

Foreword from CSW Managing Director, Chris Saxby

This strategic plan builds further on the cultural and strategic change introduced last year with our new Teckal status. Having strategically re-positioned ourselves, we are now focused on further energizing a ‘triple bottom line’ approach where we seek to measure not only our prosperity (or value delivered to our Owners), but also the impact on our people and our wider society, and the effect of our activities on our planet or our environment.  In such a way ‘people, planet, prosperity’ will become our clarion call.

It is not clichéd to state that our people are our biggest asset, and their welfare our highest priority; our frontline workforce provides our output. So, we shall continue to put energy into our wider wellbeing programme, which includes menopause support and a focus on men’s health.

While our Team have been leading individual environmental initiatives, we shall look to co-ordinate these better with a refreshed environmental strategy, introducing a net zero plan to ensure that we add not only our voice but our actions to the support of our planet.

With a strong and persistent collaborative strategy that’s building team and stakeholder confidence alike, we firmly believe that considerable and positive change is not only possible but, with like-minded partners working cohesively alongside us, entirely achievable in delivering prosperity for all our stakeholders.

As we work with our four local authorities in support of regional recovery, we are mindful that financing services remains challenging with EU funding disappearing and replacement opportunities yet to fully mature.  This means that services must be focused on greatest need, be of high quality, and efficiently delivered.

After a really busy year, I would like to thank all our staff, and our enterprise partners, for their immense hard work, undying passion, and enormous commitment to building a future where every individual can contribute positively to society and lead a fulfilling life.  I have learned much in my first year at the helm of CSW Group and know that we shall, together, continue to build brighter futures.