Our People

We are passionate group of over 130 individuals with an extensive and varied set of talents, skills and expertise, sharing a common interest in supporting and helping others.

We are spread throughout the Southwest, working in schools, from home or in the office. We come from a variety of backgrounds, (and countries), and include a wide age demographic too! We celebrate and welcome our differences and what makes us unique, and aim to pass on our positivity along with our values centred around Trust, and Working collaboratively, when supporting our clients and working alongside our colleagues and partners.

Some of us were a part of the initial company formation and have seen many changes and developments within the organisation and industry in the last 30 years. However, we try and remain current and are open to change and development, whist still retaining our focus on the importance of family and community.

Amongst our group we have champions for sustainability and promote and encourage volunteering and offer charity days for staff. Wellbeing and Mental Health has never been so prominent, so as a team we encourage eachother, both inside and out of work, in simple…and sometimes, huge challenges, so what we are a part of goes beyond a desk job that is 9-5pm.