At the end of another academic year CSW Group’s workplace experience service has provided over 180 secondary schools with tailored packages enabling almost 19,000 successful placements within the workplace for Year 10 and Year 12 students to take place.

Placements have been completed within companies ranging from Solicitors to Dentists to Elite Equestrian Centres to Racing Car Manufacturers to Circus Skills Trainers and everything in between.

Workplace experiences help pupils develop employability skills, get the know how and attributes relevant to continue to pursue rewarding careers within their chosen industry and to gain the confidence to compete within their future labour market.

Two thirds of employers’ rate work experience as being of significant or critical value for young entrants to the labour market and CSW Group work with a diverse range of small to large, local to international companies across the region that are fully supportive, enabling students to undertake workplace experience within a range of job roles to support their successful progression and transition from education to meaningful employment.

By 2020 all secondary schools will need to meet the Gatsby Career Benchmarks, inclusive of Benchmark 6 stating that every pupil should have first-hand experience of the workplace through work visits, work shadowing and/or work experience to help their exploration of career opportunities and to expand their networks.

The CSW Group work experience service provides schools with access to over 30,000 regional employers across a broad range of industry sectors and roles to enable students to have the opportunity to source and undertake relevant, exciting, meaningful and inspiring workplace experiences. With our team including dedicated placement finders, for those schools needing this service and an experienced team of professionally qualified and competent health and safety specialists checking placements and visiting employers to advise and ensure their workplace duty of care obligations are in place for young and vulnerable workers, the team work to ensure that student placements are safe, appropriate, of quality and fulfilling.

We also support schools in meeting Gatsby Benchmark 5, providing students access to encounter experiences with employers. Enterprise Days bring the workplace into the classroom giving students the opportunity to meet real employers and employees within a programme focused and tailored to the school, local employer, industry and student needs.

We are now supporting schools and working with employers for their workplace experience arrangements for the 2019/20 academic year.

For more information please contact Vash Stimpson, Operations Manager
07876 847038