Our CSW Enterprise Days provide meaningful opportunities for students to meet real people from the world of work. Consisting of business orientated tasks designed to engage and challenge students they embed an enterprise mindset and approach, which will also enhance the development of key skills.

On World Youth Skills Day, Monday 15th June 2019, the CSW Services to Education team were welcomed to Brixham College to run their Property Development Challenge Enterprise Day. The idea, supported by Martin Cavanna CEO of Canvanna Homes, had students tender to purchase a prime site in which to build a new development with support from business mentors and teachers.

The full day program had Brixham College students work in teams to design their new development with real job roles, build elements and budgets to consider. Following a busy morning of planning, budgeting and designing, students then presented their development to fellow students in their classroom, teachers and the class business mentor. From this, the winning teams then presented in front of all year 9 students, all the business mentors and Martin Cavanna himself. We were delighted to be able to arrange some fantastic business mentors to support Brixham College students on the day including mentors from Galliford Try Partnerships, Simply Great Media and DES.

We were thrilled with how engaged students were with the challenge. Students identified their own skills in order to determine which job role would be best for them and learnt other skills such as how to job share when the situation arose, how to work in a team and time management to get the tasks complete. What we learnt about the students is that they hadn’t done much work in terms of developing their presentation skills and some students were less open to the idea, however when they were invited to present, many students did so with no hesitation and were very proud of their work. We would like to congratulate winning team ‘Bright Homes’ – the team made up of both boys and girls worked incredibly well together using the brief to deliver a well implemented development plan. We were impressed that Bright Homes used their initiative to read out their tender letter to inform the audience (Martin Cavanna) of their intentions for the new site.

Enterprise Days like this day at Brixham College can be completely tailored to your schools needs and what you would like to achieve, helping you reach the Gatsby Benchmarks!

If you would like to find out more about Enterprise Days and how we can help you deliver them please contact our Services to Education Manager Steph at steph.moore@cswgroup.co.uk