Health Works Cornwall – Partnership working in action!

Since first meeting Tina*, she had lots of ideas for work.  However due to long term health issues, she knew that she could not do the physically demanding jobs she had in the past and felt office roles would be best suited to her, as she has good I.T skills. Tina saw her local NHS hospital as offering sustainable local work that she would be able to do.   She has in the past however been put off from the NHS because of their recruitment process and website which always seemed to have a ‘glitch’ when she was applying for roles.

*name has been changed.

Through the Health Works for Cornwall partnership with the NHS, I was able to send in a referral for her to attend an Introduction into working in health and care’ virtual workshop with the aim to support her in the future to feel more confident when applying for NHS jobs.   Tina completed the week long intensive course, which was packed with guest speakers, and information on all aspects of working for the NHS including advice on the recruitment process.  Tina is continuing to get support for her long-term health conditions, but since finishing the workshop she feels very well informed and confident in applying for NHS job roles.