Ray finds happiness going back to work

Ray started on the Health Works for Cornwall project at the end of April 2021 when Ray was finding life difficult. He was unemployed and had a health condition.

Ray’s Change Coach initially identified the support that was required around his mental health and advised on the different services that would be able to support with this.  Ray and his Change Coach kept in regular contact. Ray was struggling to see a way forward to find work and also to be able to overcome his barrier of his mental health.

Once Rays support and confidence increased, together with his change coach they completed some work on his CV, so it was ready to be used for job applications. Ray then found a vacancy that he wanted to apply for with SUEZ so the Change Coach supported to register on the SUEZ website and help Ray write a supporting statement. Whilst awaiting on this application, Ray unexpectedly got offered another job to start the following day. Ray was without the required workwear (trousers and boots) to be able to start this role so his Change Coach offered support with this by Ray selecting these items from the only workwear shop in his local area and then payment was made. Ray was also supported by a referral being made to his local foodbank so he had the required items to be able to make a packed lunch and also be able to have a cooked meal upon his return from work.

Ray has gained employment as a site labourer through Hayes Recruitment. Ray now works 45 hours a week and has told the Health Works for Cornwall team that he has finally got a job he enjoys doing, that is not stressful. Ray has explained that he used to dread going into work but now he enjoys it and has something different to do everyday. Ray has described gaining employment as ‘life changing.’

Ray said “For a few months before probably around January I was in a bad place mentally, just hibernating in my room doing nothing. Then the job center put me in touch with Nikki from the Health Works for Cornwall team. After a few phone calls helping me look for work I became a site labourer, Nikki even bought me the boots and work trousers I needed for my new job and also put me in touch with my local food bank they helped with the essentials I needed before stating my job I been on this job 5 weeks now its been life changing think you very much.”