Happy Endings and Exciting New Beginnings

When Key Worker Kerren started working with this young lady she had numerous health conditions that affect her mobility, to the extent that she could not stand for more than a few minutes. This affected her confidence, self-esteem and ability to do ‘normal’ activities that many young people enjoy.

. In addition to this, her mental health was very poor. She is sure she is on the Autistic spectrum which became apparent whilst working with her. She struggled to make eye contact, and with sensory issues, and suffered with depression and anxiety,  and she rarely left the house. Despite these issues, she was able to complete a college course. She loves animals and needed to find a placement as part of her college course. Kerren arranged 5 x 3 hour sessions at ARK at Egwood, a rural therapeutic community in Somerset, which #Focus5 funded. At her first session, she refused food and was withdrawn from the group, although able to move about freely and get involved with any activities she found interesting. By session 5, she was standing upright, walking with her sticks with confidence, and contributing to the work and activities available.

On her exit meeting, which they conducted at ARK, she told Kerren her plan to ask to do an apprenticeship there after her college course. A few weeks passed and Key Worker Kerren took another one of her young people to ARK, to benefit from the activities and environment of the community. Kerren was absolutely delighted to find out that her young lady had asked to give them a guided tour, as she had successfully secured an apprenticeship there in September 2022. She is a different young lady – she had a sparkle in her eye, her health has improved and she showed them around with confidence. But mostly, her approach towards the young man was empathic, gentle, and engaging. Kerren said it made her tearful with joy! Kerren told her how proud she is to see how much she has grown as a person with great potential and a lovely heart.

#Focus5 is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund