#Focus5 What do you do when you’re bored?

For #Focus5 leaver, Molly, being bored meant applying for a job! Not a bad way to manage that tedium, right?

We recently shared Molly’s success story but things have taken a new turn for her. Molly is now back living in Liverpool and has recently started her new job as a Community Care Assistant with Future Living Care. Her new job means she goes to houses to provide care for people who need it and in her first day she managed to complete five visits. That doesn’t mean her first day wasn’t without its challenges though. Molly became so nervous that she wanted to hide at her granddad’s house, but she soon overcame that feeling.

Molly secured her job so quickly that it was a bit of a whirlwind. She wanted to challenge herself and to show people that she can be a success, so she started looking at jobs on Indeed. When she found a role that appealed to her, she applied, got interviewed and was then offered the job the next day. Molly’s interview may not have been textbook, but the interviewer saw her passion and determination.

Helping people is right up Molly’s street, so it is fair to say she is brimming with job satisfaction. When looking ahead to the future Molly feels like she is already where she needs to be, and she is excited to undertake the additional training in Mental Health that her new employer supplies. We are so proud to know Molly is now in work and feeling all the benefits of challenging herself.

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