On Tuesday 14th November a team from CSW Group joined over 100 businesses & colleges as well as thousands of students at South Somerset Careers Fair. Fleet Air Arm Museum was the iconic setting for an event that immediately brought science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to the forefront of these young visitors’ minds.


CSW and The Big Bang stand nestled under the fuselage of the legendary Concorde;  we were immediately surrounded by students trying their hand at our ‘Beat the Buzzer’ activity, designed to test their manual dexterity. They also attempted other challenges such as  ‘Bridge Basher’, a strategic activity where students, using an i-pad , had to design a suspension bridge and test its strength. It was great to watch them contemplate transporting ever increasing weight-loads across their virtual bridge to see if it would hold or plunge their cargo deep into a ravine! We also had them perplexed with a balancing puzzle where they had to find the centre of gravity as they piled thirteen nails precariously on the head of another single nail. With prizes for the best attempts we were kept busy right until the very last school left!


 The #Focus5 stand, flanked by a helicopter, was similarly popular with students finding out about the latest programme to support them through life’s choices.


South Somerset Careers Fair proves that learning is fun and that visiting a fair such as this really does support the choices young people need to make.