Good News Story from #Focus5

Orrin’s story goes back before the national lockdown, when he was identified as NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) by CSW Group and consequently referred to #Focus5. Orrin had stopped attending college as the environment was not suitable for him. Orrin has a diagnosis of ADHD and has an Education, Health and Care Plan. He was able to meet with his Key Worker a couple of times before Covid-19 cast us into a lockdown and then into remote working.

It took a little bit of time for Orrin’s confidence to grow and in the initial meetings he would not want to do much talking. This is totally normal as it can be daunting meeting new people and at #Focus5 we understand it takes time to build a rapport. However, Orrin and his Key Worker maintained contact during lockdown and they soon completed his CV.

Once restrictions started to ease and it was deemed safe to meet outside, the pair progressed from virtual meetings to catching up in Orrin’s garden and at the No Limits Café in Newton Abbot. No Limits is a community café, kitchen, and hub where young people with additional needs can learn new skills and gain work experience. The café is run by the two brilliant directors Sarah Thorp and Amanda Pugh and their café is truly accessible for all. So, it was no wonder that Orrin felt so comfortable meeting here. To add to this, Orrin completed a work placement in his former school that nearly lasted an entire year, so it is fair to say he knows this type of environment well.

The next stage in Orrin’s story sees him go from customer to Barista as he has recently started an eight week work experience placement at No Limits. Funding for a Mentor for Orrin was secured through the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) Access to Work scheme.

Orrin currently works two days a week and this will soon go up by an extra day.

It is great to see Orrin’s confidence blossom and he is really taking well to his new role. Orrin’s polite manners and diligent work ethic are growing with his new role and he has now updated his CV to reflect his new experience.

You can find out more about the #Focus5 project over on their website and find No Limits cafe here.