Jasmine’s life has completely done a 180!

Jasmine was in emergency accommodation, unemployed, was struggling with mainstream education settings and felt lost at knowing what career route to take.

Since being on COMPASS, Jasmine has had four work placements (something she never thought she would have the confidence to do): Gardening with Cormac, Climbing with The Chalk Affect, New divide tattoo studio Truro and at Cornwall Neighbourhoods for change where she has been doing incredible community work.

Jasmine has been working on the Cornwall Neighbourhoods for change co-design project, whereby she has been speaking to professionals about the support that our mental health services need to best support our young people. Jasmine has been speaking to transport Cornwall and was instrumental in helping to reduce the cost of bus fare across the county. Jasmine has helped to secure funding for a well-being group. Jasmine now aids in running this group. Jasmine wrote a beautiful poem that expresses the experience of many young people, which has been used in the group’s flyer, see flyer on the left. 

Jasmine has achieved her English qualification, skills for employment qualifications, a creative writing qualification and is now employed at Cornwall Neighbourhoods for change as a community worker. Jasmine also now has secure housing and is settled and very happy.

Jasmine has all round been absolutely incredible and the progress she has made personally and professionally is just absolutely inspiring!

We can support you with your next steps on the COMPASS project;

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