COMPASS Helps Dillon to Gain a Basic Skills Qualification and Explore Career Options

Dillon moved to the UK from South Africa having not completed his secondary education and without any formal qualifications.  He completed a range of work experience in South Africa including various building and site works roles and mechanics experience; he was keen to take these skills forward. His long-term life ambition is to own his own motorbike repair garage, he is very practical.

COMPASS Partner Whitehead-Ross identified that his lack of qualifications maybe a barrier to gain employment or enrolment on a meaningful progression route for him, so they agreed that it would be good to start with an English qualification and an Employability Level 1 award.

Dillon completed L1 English booklets successfully and commented on how it was positive to have someone to explain this to him – he felt that at school he had often been left behind. “It has been a lot easier to understand how English works and I have learnt new things by doing this 1:1 in the centre.” As part of the Employability C&G level 1 he was able to write an updated CV and is now using this to apply for roles from the job centre.

Dillon said “This has given me a clearer picture on what I can do and what I can get. This has helped me to understand the system and how it works in the UK and what jobs I can apply for or how I can get more qualifications while I work.”

Throughout the project, Dillon has been motivated and committed, keen to attend and complete all sessions in centre, he has put in lots of effort, and this has really paid off. He has decided that he would like to attain his CSCS card so that he can access more jobs or apprenticeships that align with what he really wants to do. “I am looking forward to hopefully finding a job and gaining more knowledge. The CSCS card I will work on with the next person will help me to get a job that I will enjoy.”

COMPASS is funded by the European Social Fund.

“The COMPASS project has helped me in ways that I haven’t been helped before and has taught me things I didn’t understand, particularly about English. It has helped me to have better communication skills, like sending messages and emails that look more appropriate. I understand more about applying for jobs, looking for jobs and getting ready for interviews. It is worth going on and has helped me out a lot.”  Dillon, 18