WORKSHOP 3: GRP Fault Diagnosis and Minor Repairs

This workshop is for anyone currently using or working with composite structures or components. The aim of the workshop is to refine your skills in identifying common faults, problems or damage in moulds or finished components and then be able to carry out minor repairs.

On successful completion of the workshop, you will be able to identify and diagnose minor faults and complete a minor repair.

The workshop is a practical hands-on full day session. In the morning you will identify common faults including surface faults or mould related faults. The afternoon will follow with a practical session completing minor repairs to either moulds or a composite component in our fully equipped composites academy.

fibres and materials to make a composite component and then assist in starting a Resin Infusion process.

What will I learn?
  • How to identify common surface defects and faults
  • Diagnosing minor damage
  • Preparing and selecting the correct repair materials
  • Completion of minor repairs to a mould or component
  • Avoiding common repair mistakes
  • Infusing a mould
  • Common defects and faults