WORKSHOP 2:  Essential Composite Skills

This workshop is the opportunity to build on your knowledge and skills gained from the ‘Starting with Composites’ course. Alternatively, you may already have some basic composites knowledge and skills or already be working with composites. The aim of this course is to refine your skills in either wet lay-up or Resin Infusion.

On successful completion of the workshop, you will have a more detailed understanding of the wet lay up and Resin Infusion processes. You will be able to compare the two processes as well as be able to identify some common faults.

There will also be the opportunity for a hands-on activity preparing composite moulds for either Resin Infusion or wet lay-up. You will help in the selection of the correct resins, fibres and materials to make a composite component and then assist in starting a Resin Infusion process.

What will I learn?
  • What is Resin Infusion?
  • Preparing a mould for lay up or infusion
  • Selecting the correct materials
  • Common defects and faults
  • Selecting fibres
  • Selecting resins
  • Infusing a mould
  • Common defects and faults