Will is on Track

Will learnt about the Yep! project through CSW Groups links with his college. Will is a year 13 student struggling in education, with no firm plans for what he would do after year 13.  Will did have a dream job but had no idea of how to make that a reality – working for Great Western Railways (GWR).

Will signed up to Yep! to gain 1:1 individualised support with Olivia, his CSW Group Key Worker, but through this was also able to benefit from the support from the other Yep! partners. Will was told about the Active Plus Confidence and Motivation course and the benefits of taking part and he decided to give it a go.

Will had completed some work experience and previously completed a Level 2 Certificate in Customer Service.  However, Will did not know where to start in moving towards his dream role of working for GWR. Will was unaware of all the things he could do and courses he could complete that would enhance his chances, but his Yep! Key Worker helped him explore his next steps.

The Active Plus Confidence and Motivation Course helped in building his trust and confidence, it focused on confidence, motivation, communication skills, problem solving and teamwork, with the aim of giving participants the best possible foundation of life skills for their education, employment, and training journey. The sessions aims included – breaking down barriers, building trust, personal development, moving on, and the importance of different forms of communication. Will fully engaged with his peers, he prepared an end of course presentation about his time on the course and was praised for his skill in public speaking and his resilience.  He learnt common employer expectations and standards of behaviour in the workplace.

Will has also been engaging with Olivia his YEP! Key Worker and has grown in confidence and has built a trusting relationship with her. He now has a great CV, has registered his interest with GWR for upcoming apprenticeships, and learnt job search skills. He is also looking into volunteer opportunities that will further support his applications.

Will is focused and feeling positive and enthusiastic about the future.  He has a newfound love for learning practically and is open to attending future courses that will help him achieve his goals.

Will would highly recommend Yep! to others.

“The Active Plus course – loved it! I loved being able to do different team building games, just really enjoyed the whole experience and felt a sense of achievement. If I could do it again, I would – it was so good!”