Jack’s journey from homeless to his dream job

Jack joined Yep! with partner Real Ideas in January 2024, having previously been with them on other projects. Jack had GCSE’s and had an A Level in Music, and he thought music would be the career path he would follow, but through volunteering his dream job emerged.

Although he did not have any work experience, he has spent time volunteering with young people in foster care as a way of giving back some of the support he was given.  His own childhood was not easy, up to the age of 10 he experienced neglect and poverty growing up in a household with substance abuse.  He entered foster care at the age of 10 and remained in care until he was 19.  He then went on to experience homelessness and was placed in temporary accommodation. This impacted his ability to move forward with finding sustainable work, support networks and friendship groups.

With Real Ideas Jack received holistic support, this included 1:1 support to navigate his housing crisis, lack of food and support networks. He was given financial support to ensure he could attend sessions, was helped to create a great CV, and apply for jobs.   Over his time on Yep! and previous projects Jack took part in many sessions including Hospitality Academy, Art Workshops, Music Synthesis to name just a few.  He grew in confidence and developed leadership skills, made friends along the way, including meeting his partner.

Jack has now secured his dream job as a Youth Worker with fellow Yep! partner Carefree Cornwall where he can use his lived experience of being in care and his voluntary experience to support other young people facing personal challenges.