Helping Students Achieve

We work with each student to design a programme of support that will help them achieve the best possible outcome from their studies. No two students are the same, needing the same solution. Our experienced Specialist Mentors plan the Higher Education journey with the student, provide practical help that works and supports them throughout their time with us.

Our team support students from universities across the country in receipt of DSA, international students, Research Council funded students and privately funded students

Our Specialist Mentors have in-depth knowledge and experience of a range of conditions that could impact on a student’s studies (e.g. a mental health condition, autism-spectrum disorder or specific learning disability) and the demands of studying in a higher education institution.

To find out more please talk to us on 02380 551 809 or email

Most Recent Student Feedback

  • 100% of the students we support are satisfied with their mentor
  • 94% told us that our mentoring enabled them to remain at university and progress with their studies
  • 98% told us they really valued our flexibility

“My mentor believes in me when I myself do not, and when I feel that my problems are not “real problems” as such, my mentor persuasively points towards my strengths and capabilities despite of my disabilities.”