We were delighted to launch SMART SKILLS earlier this month on 7th April.  The SMART SKILLS programme, funded by the European Social Fund, has been running for 3 weeks and has already started to make an impact on businesses and people in Devon.  SMART SKILLS helps small and medium sized businesses across Devon to upskill their staff and the unemployed to gain valuable new skills with no-cost training solutions.   

The launch received a tremendous response from businesses and stakeholders. Our expert Skills Advisers, Michael Sharman and Sean Gibson, have been busy handling enquiries from individuals and businesses; providing a range of services including comprehensive information, advice and guidance, training needs analysis and a skills brokerage service.  In addition to advising businesses on the SMART SKILLS offer, the SMART SKILLS Hub is proud to have generated apprenticeship referrals to our SMART Partners, supporting career progression and job creation. 

The first SMART SKILLS training offer, ‘Starting with Composites’, was delivered in April by our SMART Partner, South Devon College.  The workshop provided individuals with basic or no prior knowledge of composites the opportunity for to broaden their understanding of composite materials, processes, and structures.  Working in conjunction with South Devon College, the SMART SKILLS Hub team have reached out to relevant businesses to identify skills gaps to develop a demand led, higher-level composites offer. 

The SMART SKILLS offer continues to grow in response to local demand.  Upcoming workshops and courses include a food businesses programme, marketing mediaand coaching and mentoring.   Find out more on the SMART SKILLS hub website.