Meet our SMART Partner, Learn Devon

Much in our work life now depends on having a solid foundation of basic skills.  They are the building blocks that enable us to reach our full potential at work and perform confidently in a work environment.  Having good maths and English skills are essential when it comes to communicating with clients, comparing prices or writing reports to our manager, and we need good IT skills to enable us to use computers productively.   As part of the SMART SKILLS programme, funded by the European Social Fund, Learn Devon is delighted to be offering a mix of free work-related courses and workshops that learners can freely choose from.  Individuals can participate in the ones they believe would have the most impact on their employment journey.

The practical courses and workshops are aimed at adults that are employed and looking for training options, unemployed or furloughed.  Learners will be able to recognise personal skills and interests, and find renewed enthusiasm and hidden talents.  Learners will be able to choose from a selection of courses including:

  • Nationally recognised Functional Skills qualification courses in maths and English
  • Tailored units in maths and English – courses aimed at filling gaps in maths and English knowledge in order to build confidence and competence
  • A selection of digital and IT skills courses – using the internet, MS suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), computer basics and more
  • Employment related skills courses – interview techniques, organisation skills, team working and communication skills, self-marketing and more
  • Practical work-related skills – research skills, report writing, use of word processing and spreadsheets at work, using Teams, Skype and Zoom for workplace communication

The free courses and workshops will be delivered online as well as face to face (once government restrictions allow) in small groups of approximately 4 learners per class. Learn Devon have a dedicated learning support team working across the county for those needing extra support. The team are on hand to help learners enrol on our courses and can continue supporting them throughout their learning journey with us.