With 2022 on the horizon, it’s time for you to launch an upskilling revolution and place you and your employees in the forefront of the training movement!

Upskilling is vital in replacing outdated skills that are no longer relevant to today’s ever-changing job landscapes.

Change is inevitable, there’s nothing we can do about it. COVID-19 is evidence that our world can change in the blink of an eye. Businesses have been pushed to adjust to new ways of working and had to learn the significance of training and educating employees, so they’re more dynamic and responsive in the face of change.

It’s proven that providing your employees with the opportunity to engage in training to enhance their career, helps keep them motivated, enhances job satisfaction and ultimately boosts your bottom-line results.

Developing your business’s training plan doesn’t need to be complicated or costly. Thanks to SMART SKILLS, training is more accessible than ever – and completely FREE! Our dedicated Skills Advisors are on hand to offer advice and to support you and your employees throughout the training and beyond.

From the world of Digital Marketing to Coaching and Mentoring, there’s training available to benefit Devon businesses in all industries! The structured training programmes our partners have to offer (both remote and face-to-face) can help open doors to a prosperous 2022 for you and your business!

Article by Naomi Richard, Skills Adviser