Employer Good News Story

Daisy Wholesale is an award-winning telecoms and IT services provider, serving over 1,000 partners across the UK channel with a local office in Eastleigh. As part of the Daisy Group Ltd., the business has established relationships with carriers and networks throughout the industry, enabling the business to offer services and products spanning fixed line, mobile, data and cloud services.

The nature of our business means we employ customer service executives, call centre staff, procurement and supply teams, sales teams and operations/data analytics teams etc and we had identified a need for training in sales, customer service, IT and Management which the TESS Training Group were able to support us with using European Social Funding which is available across the Solent area via the CSW Group and the Solent LEP.

The TESS Trainer took time to consider the needs of our business and I was guided by her experience to identify the skill ‘gaps’ and the type of training that would be most beneficial to the needs and demands of our business and people. Training was set up across a series of workshops to capture all those who wished to take part. Given that we run call centres and have to work to deadlines and targets, the TESS trainer worked closely with us to logistically plan the best way of ensuring everyone received their training whilst meeting the needs of the business, and minimising disruption to our teams. Over 50 members of staff have engaged in the training offer which has given staff a great understanding of Management, Customer Service and Sales, good guidance and structure on how to approach their work, better ways to manage more efficiently and juggle the demands of the role, and overall, some positive motivation regarding future progression. As a result of this training, we have already seen an increase in requests to join the government apprenticeship scheme.

The impact in terms of staff morale/customer feedback/productivity has been significant. Our people feel they have been ‘invested in’ and it has boosted morale and productivity within the teams. This has led to staff being more proactive, enthusiastic and positive, and feeling overall more able to manage the significant demands of the roles they work in. The response and feedback to the training and the way it was presented has been excellent – the personal interaction and ‘hands on approach’ by the TESS trainer was especially well received. We feel very lucky to have benefitted from so much professional training via the European Social Fund!

We are already in talks with TESS to discuss rolling out training to our other locations and teams!

Emma Sewell-Hunter
Daisy Wholesale