WORKSHOP 6: Introduction to Resin Infusion

This workshop is for anyone currently working with composites or considering the introduction of Resin Infusion to an existing composites process. For companies already using Resin Infusion this workshop can be used to introduce new employees to the Resin Infusion process. This workshop follows on from Workshop 2 which focused on a comparison of wet lay-up and Resin Infusion.

Resin infusion is the process where resin is drawn into a dry laminate whilst it is held under vacuum against a rigid mould by a sealed flexible membrane. Resin infusion is particularly relevant when making very large structures (for example boat hulls, wind turbine blades etc) as tooling costs are relatively low. Unlike Resin Transfer Moulding, the ‘B’ surface finish of the resulting laminate is not controlled cosmetically but excellent laminate properties can be achieved.

A major advantage of Resin Infusion is that volatile emissions can also be dramatically reduced making resin infusion an excellent alternative to large-scale open moulding.
Recent developments with renewable silicone vacuum membranes have widened the scope for resin infusion and can sometimes be used to reduce the general cost of consumable materials.

On successful completion of the workshop, you will be able to set up a mould for Resin Infusion and select the appropriate materials and resins.

The workshop is a practical hands-on full day session. In the morning you will identify the key equipment used for Resin Infusion. The afternoon will follow with a practical session completing a major repair to either moulds or a composite component in our fully equipped composites academy.

What will I learn?
  • The Resin Infusion process, advantages and disadvantages
  • Selecting the correct materials and resins
  • Setting up a mould for Resin Infusion
  • Correct use of vacuum pumps and ancillary equipment
  • Completing the infusion process
  • Releasing the component from the mould
  • Identifying common faults in Resin Infusion
Course dates

Friday 3rd December 2021, 09.00-16.30


This workshop will be held at South Devon College