This privacy notice explains who the Data Controller is for the personal data collected through the #ProgressSomerset Project and how you can find out how and why the Data Controller uses this data.

Who are the Date Controller and Data Processors for the #Progress Somerset Project?

The Data Controller for the #ProgressSomerset Project is Somerset Council.

For more information about how and why Somerset Council uses your personal information, including how to ask for a copy of the personal information that the Somerset Council hold about you can be found:

Click here for #Progress Somerset Privacy Notice

Contact Details

You can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office on 0303 123 1113 or via email   or at the Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF.

CSW Group processing your data on behalf of Somerset Council (SC) on behalf of the Data Controller

CSW Group is processing your data in accordance with our legitimate interests in meeting the obligations of the Funding Agreement with Somerset Council. CSW Group is a processor and will be processing the data on behalf of SC relating to the #ProgressSomerset project which SC is delivering on behalf of the UKSPF.  As SC is in receipt of grants from the UKSPF, it is a data processor in respect to information processed which relates to participants in the operations and projects funded by the UKSPF.

CSW ensures that we follow the instructions for processing your information as set out in the Funding Agreement and have the appropriate systems and processes to protect your information.

If you would like further information about how CSW Group collects, processes, and protects your information, please look at the data protection section on our website at which includes information on how to contact our Data Protection Officer who can be contacted via or contact Somerset Council’s data protection officer at

Informed Consent

In order that their advisers can offer support if needed CSW will be updated when you start #ProgressSomerset and again when you finish the project.

Referral Form

To refer a potential participant, please complete this form.

    Participant Information

    Participant Name: Date of Birth: Address: National Insurance #: Age of participant at Referral: Email Address: Phone No.:

    Referral Information

    Name of referrer: Email Address: Referrer Phone: Referrer Position and Agency: Reason of referral:

    Eligibility and Status

    The young person must have the right to work in the UK and have the relevant evidence of this. Please note that we consider anyone who is in paid employment to be ineligible, even if employed for just one hour per week. (Please support the participant in providing as much detail and proof as possible to speed up their start date). Is the Participant economically inactive, unemployed or in education or training?
    • Economically inactive, this means the young person is not currently actively looking for work or in work.
    • Unemployed, which means the young person is actively looking for work and not currently in work.
    • In Education or Training, which means formal education or off-the-job/on-the-job training.
    Tick relevant category/ies:

    If in Education or Training, please name the educational establishment and details of the course: Is the Young Person NEET or At RISK OF NEET?
    • NEET, this means the young person is not in education, employment or training.
    • At Risk of NEET, which means the young person is in education or training and vulnerable to or likely to become NEET in the future.
    Tick one category:

    Please tell us how you deem the young person as economically inactive or unemployed, and NEET or AT RISK OF NEET and your reasoning for this and what position you hold in order to confirm this.
    Please note the referral will not be accepted without this information. Are you aware of any potential risks that anyone lone working with this young person or home visiting could face? Please tick: If Yes, please provide information:

    Referrers Name: Date: Participant Name: I understand / the young person understands that if they choose not to engage with the programme they can request that their referral information is deleted. They can contact the CSW Group Limited Data Protection Officer to discuss this (