Find out how a collaboration between Ambitions and Cornwall Council has built a framework to ensure young people with SEND access meaningful work experience.

Jacqueline Chanter has found that many of the employers she engages with would like to provide meaningful work experience opportunities for the young people we support in Ambitions. She has also noticed that the employers welcome her support towards gaining accreditation to the Platinum Providers Award for work placements. Jacqueline has developed Platinum Provider guidelines, which offer structure, reflective learning, and effective supervision and mentoring, which fully supports young people with SEND. These guidelines make it easy for businesses to know they are offering meaningful opportunities and can also be a development opportunity for aspiring managers.

“When cold calling employers and making initial meetings I often involve Jobcentreplus to talk to employers about Disability Confident and this has led to strong working relationships. One of these meetings was Coodes Solicitors in Liskeard where I included an Employer Adviser JCP.  Following this meeting the Employer Adviser introduced me to the Mayor at Liskeard Town Council, who she thought may be interested in the Platinum Provider Award and my Neurodiversity at Work workshops.” – Jacqueline Chanter

It was a successful meeting with the Mayor, who agreed to promote Jacqueline’s Neurodiversity at Work Workshop to local businesses, and she would offer a work placement to one of our Ambitions participants who is on the autistic spectrum.

“I am currently supporting Liskeard Town Council to develop their work experience offer and progress to a Platinum Provider for Work Placements.
Liskeard Town Council will promote my workshops and are currently being supported to offer meaningful opportunities to young people with SEND. They are progressing through the Platinum Provider quality benchmarks. I continue to develop strong working relationships with Jobcentreplus and invite them to deliver a short Disability Confident presentation at my workshops which fosters effective partnership working.” – Jacqueline Chanter

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