CSW and Paignton Sec partnership working to ensure young people get appropriate support.

Why we work together.

CSW Group and Paignton Sec work in close partnership to ensure that NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training) young people in Torbay  get the appropriate and progressing educational support they need to help them into education or employment. This is anything from gaining functional skills qualifications, apprenticeships, NVQ qualifications, applications to higher education such as South Devon College and even helping find employment.

CSW advisers have referred a lot of young people to Paignton Sec, many of whom have achieved qualifications, or progressed into higher education and/or employment.

CSW keep in contact with Paignton Sec throughout the Young Person’s time there to ensure that they are gaining the best possible opportunity. Continuous contact between Paignton Sec and CSW also ensures that the young person is comfortable and happy to continue engaging in their placement.

CSW input with Paignton Sec from the beginning of a referral.

CSW advisers refer young people to Paignton Sec when they feel a young person will benefit from the support and training. They initially give the young person information about Paignton Sec and what can be offered to them. If the young person is happy and is interested, then a phone call is made to Paignton Sec, to organize a first contact and begin the process.

Paignton Sec find this is an important step as it lets the young person become a little familiarized with them prior to a meeting in person. It is a very important part of this joint working approach to make sure the young person is comfortable with every step of the process.

An appointment will then be made for the young person to meet with Paignton Sec, so that they can discuss the best option for their required support and progression.  If the young person can’t make it to Paignton Sec premises, CSW arrange a space to meet at The Foyer in Torquay as part of the partnership approach with the Foyer team.

CSW advisers and Paignton Sec gain permission from young people and agree with them what information can be shared to support them as much as possible throughout the referral and sign-up process and so that everyone is clear what is happening. These might be things that could potentially make an impact on the young person’s education/training. For example: Dyslexia, learning difficulties, psychical disabilities and any career or learning goals that young people are interested in. The CSW adviser will stay in touch with the young person and might attend the first meeting (with the permission of the young person), if it is added support the young person feels they need.

Continuous support for young person during their time at Paignton Sec.

It is very important for Paignton Sec and CSW to continue a close partnership even when the young person has begun their training, until they finish, so that both parties are aware of the young person’s progression and any additional support needs or issues they may be facing that could make an impact on their current placement with Paignton Sec or their next transition into new education and training opportunities.

More ways our partnership makes a difference.

It isn’t just the referral of young people signing up to study at Paignton Sec that makes this working partnership continue and benefit positively.

Even if a young person doesn’t enroll with Paignton Sec , the staff there or at CSW will still be able to provide them advice and guidance to help them make decisions with their career and education.

This successful partnership approach means that both CSW and Paignton Sec staff have a good understanding of what services and opportunities each can offer and can be confident in promoting these to young people, partners, and organisations in the local area. This is great for Torbay, and contributes to the shared aim of decreasing the number of NEET young people.

Leah Alford, from Paignton Sec says ‘A lot of the feedback I get when I meet young people is that they liked working with both Paignton Sec and CSW because they were treated as individuals and not categorized. They felt that they were always treated on a personal level by both organisations and at no point felt like they were just another number. CSW do a fantastic job at supporting young people and we are very happy to work in partnership with them here at Paignton Sec. Not only do we provide support to young people, but we are both also able to provide information and advice to young people’s parents and carers on how they can also aid us in supporting them too’.