A new year, a new project is getting underway with Health Works for Cornwall

CSW group is delighted to be a sub-contractor on the new Health Works for Cornwall Programme, a major new ESF DWP programme for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly with investment until December 2023.

The programme is led by Cornwall Development Company in partnership with 10 local organisations including CSW Group.  It aims to support 5500 unemployed or economically inactive individuals across Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly; targeting those who have a health related  barrier to employment.

What are we doing:

CSW group is excited to be providing support to 600 residents living in the Atlantic and Moor area.  We have decades of experience and expertise of providing information, advice and guidance on education, employment, and training opportunities; as well as linking people to further support organisations to overcome barriers preventing individual growth.

How can we help:

The project will support anyone who unemployed with a health-related barrier (or if they also have a barrier returning to work such as a lack of basic skills, are aged 50+, ex-offenders, lone parents, history of drug and/or alcohol misuse, caring responsibilities, homeless or learning disability/difficulty).

Using our expertise of building and developing self-confidence, interpersonal and employability skills advisers will provide you with tailored advice and guidance to navigate the challenges that people face when returning to work or positively progressing within their lives. Every journey will be people led the way to ensure they get the right support at the right time for them.

How can people join?

Contact the team today HealthWorksCornwall@cswgroup.co.uk or give us a call 07909 535 159

Our team work to reduce stigma:
Don’t label people, Be respectful, listen and be a positive role model