South West STEM Fest


South West STEM Fest was a three week virtual programme of STEM activities designed to educate and inspire young people across our region.

The South West STEM Fest organisers – STEM Ambassador Hubs South West Peninsula and West England – were blown away by the response from employers, organisations and STEM Ambassadors. It all contributed to a fantastic first outing for this brand new virtual festival!

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the time and effort put in by everyone involved in South West STEM Fest.

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The STEM Ambassador South West Peninsula Hub and STEM Ambassador Hub West England is collaborating with STEM partners across the South West of England to deliver a celebration of STEM in the region – the South West STEM Fest!

Lined up for the 7th – 25th June 2021, the South West STEM Fest is a chance for all of our STEM partners with a base in the south west of England* to join us in celebrating the contribution STEM has made and continues to make to the people and the places in the region.

We believe that the heritage and the future of the south west of England is built on world-class STEM, and that this is a message that can offer hope to all 640,000 young people in education in the region.

We want to get out there and engage with young people, providing reassurance that despite two disrupted schools years, their skills, interests and experience are valued, and there will always be opportunities for them in STEM, right here on their doorstep.

And we want to celebrate the diversity of STEM careers in the region – it’s not all aeroplanes and bridges, it’s agriculture and mining, robotics and cyber, creative digital and film, public health, environment, energy… from the bottom of the oceans to the far reaches of outer space, it’s all right here!

*south west of England = Cornwall, Devon, Torbay, Plymouth, Dorset, Bournemouth & Poole, Wiltshire, Swindon, Somerset, North Somerset, Bath and NE Somerset, Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire.

South West STEM Fest Programme

Click here for the South West STEM Fest Programme

On behalf of STEM Ambassador Hubs South West Peninsula and West England we are thrilled to offer you a three week virtual programme of STEM activities designed to educate and inspire young people across our region. We have been blown away by the response from employers, organisations and STEM Ambassadors. There is something here for everyone across all ages and for parents and carers too. The content is broad and varied, some sessions will be practical and require resources to be downloaded, others are presentation style. We also have science shows and careers focused workshops. Most sessions will be delivered live via Zoom or Teams with the option for questions through the chat function.

How to book a session
To find out more about each session, click on the link and you will be taken to the full details within Eventbrite. From this page you will also be able to book and the meeting link will be sent to you once registered. You can attend as many sessions as you want. We have made it clear what age range the session is intended for and made reference to curriculum links for teachers wishing to join a session with their class. We strongly recommend adding the meeting links to your online calendars and ensuring that you have them to hand and ready to use on the day.

On the day
Simply click the link which was emailed to you upon registration or manually enter the Meeting ID and password. You will join a waiting area until the start time. As soon as the session starts your speaker will be visible on your screen.

For teachers using a screen at the front of the class please make sure students can see the screen clearly and note any special instructions for the session, as some presentations will involve audience participation.

  • Please note that each session will be recorded
  • Meeting settings have been set up to ensure that all participants have their cameras and mics switched OFF
  • Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and we expect them to be popular. Each session can accommodate 300 individuals unless otherwise indicated.

During the festival if you have any problems at all please contact:

Event Sponsors


Babcock is a leading provider of critical, complex engineering services which support national defence, save lives and protect communities.

We focus on three highly regulated markets – defence, emergency services and civil nuclear – delivering vital services and managing complex assets in the UK and internationally. We are a trusted partner who understands the key roles that our technology, our expertise, our infrastructure and our assets play in ensuring our customers can deliver. We share risk with them in delivering innovation, and we share the benefits.

We deliver vital services and manage complex assets on behalf of our customers across three key markets; defence, emergency services and civil nuclear. You could be part of this, leveraging our technology, our expertise, our infrastructure and our assets to ensure our customers can deliver.

For more information on Babcock International, please view our website page here:

Software Solved

Since 1998, the Software Solved team have delivered over 1,000 successful software and data projects for some of the UK’s most innovative brands. Employing the brightest minds in tech, Software Solved are specialists in custom software and data solutions.

Weston College

Weston College is at the heart of the community, offering a wide range of support to people of all levels, from the unemployed looking to gain new qualifications, to learners completing Master’s degrees.

We are highly passionate about STEM subjects, and are one of the leading engineering training providers in the UK. We have recently opened the West of England Institute of Technology, working with key partners across the region to provide learners with the skills required for industry.

Our engineering provision has rapidly expanded in recent years, due to demand from the engineering sector, in particular the manufacturing and aerospace companies in Bristol.

Our world class facilities attract learners from across the South West and help hone the skills of learners who go on to become leaders in their field.

Find out more about Weston College, on our website:

Schools and Colleges: Joining in with South West STEM Fest

South West STEM Fest will offer a range of opportunities for students of all key stages, primary, secondary and college, to take part. There will also be many different types of activity – careers talks, STEM presentations, interactive shows and workshops. Something for everyone!

So Save the Dates! 7th – 25th June 2021 is when the activities for South West STEM Fest will be taking place.

To make sure you are the first to hear all the South West STEM Fest news, drop us an an email at

Organisations: Joining in with South West STEM Fest

For more information on how your organisation, Businesses, Universities, Local Authorities etc, can get involved in South West STEM Fest, take a look at the information below.

Email to get started!

Link your STEM event to South West STEM Fest

If you are involved in a STEM event taking place between 7th and 25th June 2021, and this event has some connection with people, places or STEM in the south west of England, we would like to list your activity on the South West STEM Fest programme. We will use this to raise the profile of all the STEM events that young people in the south west are, or could be, taking part in.

Run a STEM activity for young people during South West STEM Fest

If your organisation does some super-duper STEM here in the south west of England and you would like to run or host a STEM-themed activity for young people to show off what you do, then why not run it during South West STEM Fest? If at any point between 7th and 25th June you can offer something that engages young people in any form of STEM-based activity, then tell us about it and we will help you to refine the activity, recruit participants, find volunteers to help run it, whatever you need to make your activity a success!

Contribute to the South West STEM Fest showcase

The final week of South West STEM Fest (21st – 25th June) will be Showcase Week! This is where we will be ramping up activity and creating a frenzy of STEM interaction for young people all across the region – live and as-live STEM events and shows, with tons of virtual and maybe even some in-person activity. Leading up to the national celebration of STEM – Big Bang Digital 2021! To ensure this is a triumph we need people to make a contibution; this could be in the form of time, skills, insight and experience, it could be by putting on a show or other high profile activity as part of the showcase, or it could be in the form of sponsorship to help us cover the costs of hosting an engaging and accessible experience.

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