Recognising your positive skills with Health Works for Cornwall

Ian started the Health Works for Cornwall Programme (HWCP) after coming out of the 2nd lockdown and was looking for something to motivate him and concentrate his efforts on to start back in employment. Ian felt pretty low when first signing up and had been struggling with low mood and anxiety. He was attending the Adult Education Maths, English and IT fortnightly so there he had a lot of time on his hands.

During the programme, Ian has been able to start looking at himself in a more positive light and recognize the positive skills and qualities he has rather than focusing on all the negative.

Ian attended the confidence and motivational course with Active Plus starting in June and this was for 6 weeks looking at how to work within a team and solve problems.  Exploring other ways of viewing a problem this course changed his perspective on how to solve them. Whilst attending Ian was also volunteering at Cornwall Hospice Care and undertaking his IT/Maths/English with Adult Education as well as committing to regular meeting whilst on the HWCP.

Ian has now successfully completed his studies gaining level 2 qualifications in English/Maths/IT.

Ian has been offered a work trial with Buttermilk Confectionary as a Production Operative starting August with a view to this becoming permanent full-time employment.

Ian says for anyone thinking about joining the HWCP, “It would be well worth your time and effort to join the programme as I got a great deal out of it. I was able to become more motivated, building my confidence and the support in place.”