Good Luck Charlotte

Charlotte faced many challenges in returning to work, including several health conditions and managing her medication. With the support and understanding of her Change Coach, she received the guidance and practical advice she needed to move forward. With employability skills sessions, job search support, transport advice and the help of other partners, Charlotte now has a part-time job in retail with an understanding employer, offering her the security and flexibility that is perfect for her, she now has purpose to her week.
“Nikki is a lovely and calming person to talk to, and they were a great help in my getting a job. I’m very happy to have worked with her over these sessions”

If you need support or are struggling to find a way forward contact:


Nev – Bodmin, Wadebridge, Launceston 07909 535159
Nikki – Bude 07909 933721
Jennie – Newquay 07786 171218
Kerry – Launceston 07786190221