Health Works for Cornwall Support Newquay Disc

On Monday 14th June, the Health Works for Cornwall today went to Sandy Lodge to spend the day with DSIC Newquay. The team met with the absolutely outstanding team who work relentlessly to support the community in and around the Newquay area. During the recent COVID crisis one survey put Newquay as the worst affected town in England in economic terms. DISC Newquay is there to help people who have fallen into the poverty trap and all its attendant problems such as homelessness, debt, mental health, addiction, etc. DISC Newquay have suspended their usual delivery due to COVID and have been serving food to all those who are in need 7days a week!

DISC Newquay are hoping to return to their usual support sessions in future. CSW Group are hoping to support this in future with drop in Health Works appointment with Jennie Lacey.

On Monday, team and DISC Newquay volunteers set to work making up food containers for the local area. There were more 180 meals made today for residents of Newquay as well as various donations from local businesses such as Baker Toms and Devon and Cornwall Police. Nicola Speer, CSW Careers and Employability Adviser expressed “A day volunteering with the team at DISC Newquay was completing inspiring, everyone works so hard to ensure that they have a variety of meals ready to be sent out to those in need.” It was an absolutely amazing day which really helped the Health Works team to work on the ground and make a difference to those people who were really in need of food within the area. The team worked hard to make sure that all meals were completed in time for the amazing Disc volunteers to get the deliveries out to the local area as well as supporting those people who drop in for food. In addition, the team wider team within CSW Group have also supported this local support by donating funds for the purchase of face masks, gloves, personal protection equipment and hand sanitizer.

Monique from DISC Newquay. “I was so happy to have some of the CSW team on Monday. What DISC does has turned into a necessity as there is no other service that can be as flexible as we are. I sometimes feel we are the 5th emergency service but we do it with a laugh, a joke, a smile and a lot of love and that’s what makes DISC special.”

Hailey Collins, Contract Manager for CSW Health works for Cornwall explains “DISC Newquay is a truly amazing charity in which it has a real impact on the people living in the area. It has adapted to the needs of those within Newquay as well as supporting those who are in need through COVID. The team of volunteers are extremely hard working, caring and I have personally felt very lucky to be able to come and work with such an amazing charity that works hard for the people within their town. We will be looking to come back to spend more time with DISC Newquay in future!”