Health Works for Cornwall Partnership working

The Health Works for Cornwall is an exciting programme which aims to support workless individuals where there are health-related barriers to employment.

Active Plus and CSW are two partners within Health Works that cover the Atlantic & Moor area of Cornwall. Across the two organisations there is a wealth of expertise and knowledge that participants can benefit from, and as a result both organisations felt that a greater impact could be made by joining up and working collaboratively throughout the lifecycle of the programme.

In order for referrals and marketing messages to be clear and consistent and to prevent duplications, the teams have produced joint marketing materials and attended networking opportunities together to promote the benefits of the programme.

Active Plus and CSW Group are looking to empower communities and making sustainable, confident individuals. Active Plus use the skills and expertise of injured veterans to motivate, inspire and build confidence. This is achieved by a six-week confidence and motivation course run in the community. These courses use practical-based activities that encourage teamwork and communication. This is built upon week on week, providing a safe space for participants to move out of their comfort zone and realise their potential. Upon course completion, the group are encouraged to stay together and move into a community-based/voluntary activity, building on the feelings of self-worth and achievement by giving something back to the local community. In addition, Active Plus are able to offer the six-week HOPE course, certificated through the NHS which empowers people to better manage their health conditions and wellbeing in order to live a more fulfilling life. So far, this has been a powerful catalyst for change to those who have taken part, and has allowed those who previously focused solely on their barriers to employment, to start thinking about looking for work again.

A participant from CSW Group attended a recent virtual Active Plus course. This participant was extremely nervous about attending the course and therefore started with her camera off and muted however after a few weeks she felt confident enough to engage and turn on her camera – this is a huge step for someone who has been through lockdown, struggles with mental health and has not been able to engage in person. Through this shared support CSW group can provide intensive 1:1 support helping participants cope with individual barriers as well as providing crucial engaging employability groups using previous links with apprenticeship, traineeship organisations as well as supporting the 10 key sectors in Cornwall.  Through this shared partnership Active Plus and CSW Group aims to support 850 individuals to overcome and cope with complex barriers into employment.

Together the two organisations are trialing as many new and creative ideas as possible: we have launched a new video which show cases the project, completed virtual runs, leaflet drops, joint online marketing strategies and joint networking/events.