Building foundations with Marius

Marius got the support he needed from Health Works Cornwall to move forward into employment in the construction industry following a period of unemployment.  This included Compulsory Basic Training to get his moped licence, being mobile was the key to finding a job as he lives in a rural area.

When Marius signed up to HWC project in July 2021, he has been unemployed since September 2020, before this he was a furloughed construction worker. Whilst working in the construction industry Marius was supported to get to and from work from another worker but when this worker left, Marius was in a position where he was left with no transport arrangements. This was due to the location of where Marius lives, which was 5 to 6 miles outside of Bude. The public transport options were limited so this left Marius in a frustrating position of not being able to get back to work.

Having already got a CSCS card, Marius was keen to return to the construction industry but felt in a spiralling position without transport. Marius explained that whilst working he had committed to a loan which he was managing to pay back whilst in work but with a reduced income this was becoming increasingly difficult. Marius was also keen to be able to support his son who was benefiting from some positive activities but at the time, this was proving difficult to afford. Marius felt that due to the impact of these things, he was starting to show some signs of depression and desperately wanted to find a way out of this position.

Marius and his Change Coach discussed how the HWC project may be able to support him to find a way out of this position with transport being the main barrier to his progression. Marius did not drive and didn’t have a driving licence but through their discussion, they agreed that completing Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) would be a good step forward and to fully support this, Marius and his Change Coach set out a clear plan of the steps that needed to be taken to be able to gain his CBT, including gaining a driving licence to start the process and moped schemes that would support Marius once he had gained his CBT. Marius began to feel much more positive about the future and started to make plans for looking for work both in the local area but also further afield.

Marius was able to keep focused on working towards a move positive future. With the steps being made towards gaining a CBT, Marius was encouraged and guided by his Change Coach to focus on and update his CV and complete focused job search appointments, with the added addition of a labour market information session, that supported Marius to gain a deeper insight into the construction industry and the opportunities that are out there. Marius was given these opportunities in a format which meant to could access them in the future, past the lifetime of the HWC project.

Today, Marius has exited the HWC project having gained his CBT and having gained employment back in the construction industry. He said, “I found the project very helpful and I’m very pleased that I was able to move forward because of he help.  Thanks Nikki for helping me move forward.”

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