A week in the life of a CSW CEA on Health Works Cornwall

We are recruiting for 2 Careers Employability Advisers for our Health Works for Cornwall project, click here to find out more about the role.

So what is it like to be a Careers Employability Adviser…

Today I was involved a Family Fun Day event which was held for the local residents in Kinsman Estate. Luckily the weather held as it was an outdoor event and there were lots of families who attended. There was a number of other organisations who were running activities including a competition for decorating a bike; representatives from making space for nature in Cornish towns; a clown making balloon figures; an entertainer called Harry Shazam and a visit from the local firetruck and fire men, to name some. There was also a number of Councillors who were stewarding the event and representatives from the Bodmin Rotary Club. I had a hand/eye coordination game for everyone taking part received a sweet treat and anyone scoring more than 50 received bubbles. It was lovely to be part of the community and meet local young people and families.

I spent the day meeting lovely people in the community and promoting the Health Works project.



Today I had booked appointments back to back in the local community centre where we hire a room and I booked to meet my participants. Today with participants I found out that one of them had found a job and was needing some clothes to go into work with and therefore I have organised for them to use some of the participant funds so that he can start work with the right clothing.

Other participants needed support with looking at what career options were available for them locally. We also looked at an online food safety course so that we could give this participant the skills to be employable and feel confident in a role where food preparation was needed.



I needed to catch up with my inputting after a day with participants so I spent today at home catching up on paperwork and researching jobs and courses for my participants. I organised all my paperwork ready for the next day and checked in with the rest of the team. I text all my participants who had appointments coming up and made sure that my diary was fully booked for the coming weeks. I also emailed out some promotional materials to a new company in my area and followed up with the job centres regarding some of the participants they had sent me.

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