Harriet embarks on her journey to her dream job

Following years of not attending school and coping with bereavement and trauma, Harriet and her Key Worker have embarked on the journey to Harriet’s dream of becoming a nail technician.

Harriet was referred to #focus5 by her head teacher, at which point Harriet’s attendance was below 42% and only for home schooling.  Harriet rarely attended school in years 7 and never in years 8 and 9.  The school Therapy Dog, PFSA and key members of staff would all assist to get Harriet into school since the suicide of her older sibling.  Harriet had counselling for bereavement and trauma in school as well as CAMHS involvement along with SENCO SEMH and RBSC but Harriet failed to engage with anyone other than her Mum and flatly refused to go to school.

Harriet’s key workers initial engagement meeting was more responsive from both Harriet and Mum than her key worker could ever wish for, and that connection was enough to convince Harriet that help, and support does not mean pressure, as she felt it always had.  Harriet told her key worker of her dreams to become a nail technician and the key worker asked Harriet about her predicted GCSE grades coming up in the summer.  Harriet said she would not attend school to sit these.  After time and trust building Harriet finally agreed to sit her GCSE’s in school in a quiet area if her key worker went with her.

So, the summer was spent on almost daily jaunts to pick up Harriet and take her to each exam (14 in total)

Once Harriet had left school, Harriet and her keyworker embarked on the journey to Harriet’s dream of becoming a nail technician and with the financial and emotional support #focus5 funded Harriet’s dream.  Harriet completed her Diplomas and became a qualified nail technician.  To fund further training her key worker suggested a part time job and Harriet is now working part time and has a bright exciting future ahead of her.

#Focus5 is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund