#Focus5 scoops big awards at Green Impact ceremony

At the start of the last year things were quite a bit different than they are now. People could still get together in large crowds, no one knew what a national lockdown feels like and CSW Group had just started the Green Impact initiative. A lot has changed since then, with the nation being plunged into a new normal; a new normal that has affected CSW Group as well. We embraced remote working before we were all told ‘work from home if you can’. This was a huge undertaking, and we are proud of how we managed to keep our vital services going during challenging circumstances.

Whilst we were busy adjusting to these new ways, we were also busy building a sustainability legacy. Since 2007 158,955 people have been reached through Green Impact campaigns. Green Impact helps people understand sustainability and social responsibility and poses a series of actions to help them make a difference. CSW Group registered 5 teams (one of which was #Focus5) and each worked with real passion and commitment to reduce energy consumption, improve recycling, promote sustainable travel, and encourage wellbeing activities.

At #Focus5 we are so proud to have achieved two massive awards for our work in Green Impact. By completing every single sustainability action, we managed to achieve Platinum Award, and our dedication also saw us take a special award for Innovative Environmental Initiative. This is such an amazing achievement, and it whilst it was all made possible by a real team spirit in #Focus5 we need to make a special mention to our Green Impact Champion Mellissa Jones. Mellissa did an incredible job of coordinating the whole process.