#Focus5: Lucy's Story

We are thrilled to be sharing the wonderful journey that Lucy has been on since working with us at #Focus5.

She described herself as “literally doing nothing” when she joined the project in October last year but that couldn’t be further from the truth now. In fact, Lucy has been so busy that her key worker has dubbed her Queen of the Online Course! Since working with us Lucy has completed six online courses. She started doing the courses on her phone, however, thanks to the Youth Service, Lucy was able to borrow a Chromebook and that made it much easier to complete the rest.

At the start Lucy’s plan was to just “wing it” and see what she could get from the #Focus5 experience. Since then, her progress has been amazing, and she has transformed from being passive to assertive and confident. Not only is she Queen of The Online Course but Lucy is now working towards getting her driver’s license and is employed at a restaurant as well! This is all down to Lucy’s hard work, lots of conversations with her key worker and chipping away at key tasks. These key tasks include applying for jobs and mindfulness walks.

Lucy loves a spot of photography in her spare time. She is particularly interested in impressive buildings and expansive horizons. We can’t help but feel the possibilities for Lucy are as limitless as the horizons she loves to photograph.

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