Developing effective strategies to reduce the impact of anxiety

This young person and her family recently moved to the area from London and were unfamiliar with local post 16 options and the transition process from Year 11. The young person suffers with a high level of anxiety which resulted in her not attending school and consequently receiving no support regarding Post 16 options and how to access them.

The young person needed to understand how to reduce the impact of her disengagement from school and anxiety on her post 16 options and type of course offered by local college. Her Key Worker met with her on a regular one to one basis in the participants home. Together they worked on helping her to develop effective strategies to reduce the impact of anxiety on her in participation in college and employment post 16.  She was also supported with Post 16 college course selection and application. Her Key Worker gave her coaching in how to present herself effectively at the college interview.

Through this support the young person  was able to come up with ways to reduce her anxiety. She increased her understanding of Post 16 options locally and was able to navigate her way through processes and information on the relevant websites. She  increased her understanding of the appropriate courses to help her achieve her career aspirations, submitted a college application and increased her confidence in being able to put herself across effectively at the college interview. We are so pleased this young person was able to move forwards and manage her barrier.

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