The  Family & Community Essential Skills service will enhance equal access to lifelong learning for those aged 16+ in non-formal or informal settings, upgrading knowledge, skills and promoting flexible learning pathways. The focus will be on delivery of targeted and tailored approaches that engage with, and build skills and confidence of individuals that adds value to family learning mainstream funding through development of community learning champions.

The Families project is delivered for FREE through a skilled network of subcontractors who are:

This project will aim to:

  • Raised qualification and skills levels, particularly basic skills;
  • Higher levels of self-esteem which raise aspirations;
  • Removal of barriers to learning, e.g. transport, childcare, accessibility;
  • Development of route ways to enable progression in work or to other learning/activity.
  • The focus of this project is around support for families and individuals facing in-work poverty to help them progress and increase their pay, working hours or obtain higher level roles and move out of poverty into a sustainable outcome

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