We are looking for a Managing Director

Do you have the right experience and skills to drive our company forward? CSW Group specialise in supporting transition into post 16 education, employment or training. We are the largest single provider of information, advice and guidance services across the South West region  and operate a range of contracts. These include careers guidance services in schools and the community, supporting young people with a range of  individual needs such as SEND and mental health, as well as working with those not in education or employment (NEETs) to re-engage them into positive outcomes.

With the Board of Directors, Owners and CSW staff, you’ll implement the Business Plan, create and embed effective joint working arrangements and secure the growth of the company through collaboration. Your previous background is not as important as the skills you can bring and your experience of building teams in multi-disciplinary fora. You will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the skills agenda and destinations for young people, the barriers that people face to successful transition and the funding streams that operate in this complex arena. You will also know how local government operates as well as company governance.

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