Tips for living with less plastic

For a second year, CSW Group have committed to the Students Organising for Sustainability Green Impact Programme! Green Impact helps people understand sustainability and social responsibility and poses a series of actions to help them make a difference. Our registered teams will work with real passion and commitment to reduce energy consumption, promote sustainable travel, encourage wellbeing activities and improve recycling as well as using less plastic.

As it’s Plastic Free July, we wanted to offer some tips that are easy but also don’t break the bank! We realise that lots of us will still continue to use plastic, which is completely fine, we just want to share how to consume less than we normally would.

  1. Reusables; Bags, Bottles, Coffee Cups, containers, cutlery
  2. Powered Dishwasher detergent in a cardboard box
  3. Try a local milk delivery, they usually come in glass
  4. Say no to receipts
  5. Try a bar of soap instead of liquid soap

Plastic free July is a great time to start thinking about way to reduce plastic and you may even form long term habits but just changing a few small things.