CSW, Keeping In Touch with Young People

The CSW Client Relations Advisers work on the Transitions contract which is funded by Local Authorities across Devon, Cornwall, Plymouth, Torbay and Somerset*. The aim of the contract is to provide targeted support for the most vulnerable young people to ensure successful transition to their post 16 destination.

Dee Parker, one of our Client Relations Advisers, explains how young people benefit from our calls.

‘’Being a member of The Client Relations Team is an extremely fulfilling and evolving role. The Client Relations Team are the first point of contact for CSW Group and we proud to be the initial voice of CSW showing they have contacted ‘the right people at the right time!’

We are busy throughout the year ensuring we accurately maintain the local authority database for all young people, aged 16 – 19, living across the local authority areas of Cornwall, Plymouth, Torbay, Devon and Somerset* offering support to those in need of support.

Those who we find are not involved in work, education, or training, are then offered the support they need. The post 16 decisions can be crucial to the start of a young persons career path making the foundations for their lives. Our Client Relations Advisers are privileged to be able to offer these young people the support to build strong foundations for their futures.

The Client Relations Team maintain regular contact with young people post 16. Our contact enables the client to know there is an experienced and knowledgeable team of CSW Career Development Consultants and Community Engagement Advisers, waiting to support them. Through regular contact we can establish what activities the client has progressed onto and ascertain if the client is looking for, or in need of, support because they are not in education, employment, or training (NEET). The team use their knowledge to signpost young people to services available to them, as well as keeping in contact to make sure that they are getting the support they are entitled to. The Team create rapport with young people, parents and carers enabling them to have open and confident conversations about what they want to achieve and what path they want to take to get there. The Client Relations Team are proud to look out for the best interests of young people.

Parents and young people alike have thanked us for the work we do and hearing the successes of their stories is one of the best parts of the job”.

Here are some of the testimonials from CSW Clients

One parent said “it’s really good that CSW Group check in and I really appreciate that although it could sometimes be a thankless task – its definitely worth it.”

A mum of a young person said “I’ve never heard of CSW Group before but what a lovely and wonderful service you provide.”

A young person said “I really appreciate the call and CSW looking in on me.”

*Our contract with Somerset is only to find out what 16-18 year olds are doing, not to provide support and advice.