Do you know how we deliver IiC?

Investor in Careers is an accredited National Licensed Awarding Body for The Quality in Careers Standard for careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) provision.

We created this award initially.

We provide a comprehensive support service around delivery of this award.

  • Registration for The Quality in Careers Standard.
  • Get Started consultancy support as part of the Commitment Certificate stage planning: this will be delivered via Go To Meeting/ Facetime/telephone/Skype with ongoing telephone and email support as required. We never lose sight of the fact that each school we work with is individual with its own unique set of challenges so our support is tailored to each one.
  • (note: If additional consultancy is required the school will pay the cost of this through an additional consultancy charge. Travel and accommodation costs will be charged if face to face where the trip can’t be done within a day. This is offered as an option if the GoTo meeting is not enough. We find that this is very rarely used)
  • Online portfolio and support resources
  • Assessment visit to the learning provider by registered Assessor
  • Assessment report and accreditation certificates
  • Award plaque

We deliver the support on a one to one basis online because we find that this fits the needs of the school much more. We believe that in a combined training session this will fall short of accurately providing support as the need for travel and then to remember every part of the training places a lot of additional pressure on the individual or team tasked with working towards the award. It also creates a blanket effect and doesn’t tailor the support to each school.

We are passionate about how our award is delivered which is why we keep this element bespoke. It is important for each one of our customers to feel that they can pick up the phone at any time and get support. Building a relationship so that the award can be achieved in the smoothest way possible is incredibly important to our organisation.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about Investor in Careers please email