We may be in contact with YOU soon – here’s why…

Why is CSW Group contacting me?

Many services keep information about you, such as schools, doctors etc. CSW Group keeps information about you on behalf of your Local Authority. This starts when you are in secondary school, and usually continues up to your 20th birthday.

The reason for collecting this information is to make sure you receive the services you are entitled to.

What sort of services would those be?

They’re things like an entitlement to benefits for young people, support with looking for work, funding for training (like apprenticeships), putting you in touch with other services and organisations, and information on how your employer may be able to access funding.

What sort of information will be kept about me that my Local Authority can see in my record?

First name(s) and surname
Date of birth
Telephone number
Parent/Carer contact name
School/College attended
Information about your education
Attainment (examination results)
What you are doing at the moment

Who else receives the information?

CSW Group does not share any personal information about you with anyone else, unless there is a legal requirement to do so. Information we hold sometimes contributes to statistical information, which we provide when required to some organisations through your Local Authority.

If you need further information, call us on: 01752 202965