New Horizon for George

George was removed from school in Year 9 by his mum as he was not achieving and was getting into the wrong company. She elected to home school him, but found this very challenging. George has a diagnosis for dyslexia and dyscalculia. His mum heard about COMPASS partner Whitehead Ross, through a colleague from another provider. He is 15yrs old and unfortunately he is too young to join their traineeships yet.

Together George and Whitehead Ross worked together on building his confidence around attending their centre regularly as he had a lot of anxiety around going back to education. This involved sessions around identifying his strengths and raising his self-esteem by getting him to see what amazing skills he had already acquired. In addition to these sessions, George attended life skills sessions which provided him with the knowledge he will need when he is ready to move out and live independently.

After a couple of months working George decided he was ready to study his English and Maths. They started with entry level 2 and he is progressing well, they hope to get him to Level 2 by the end of his time with them.

George will hopefully achieve a Level 2 in English and Maths as well as employability skills. He is hoping to gain an apprenticeship when he is 16 in the construction trade and has the offer of one, although Whitehead Ross and the potential employer are going to work with CMN to facilitate the apprenticeship.

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