Luke Finds His Direction Through COMPASS

Luke started receiving support through COMPASS and our partner Motiv-8 SW soon after he turned 21.

Educated in Truro, he left the education system a few months before lockdown with lower grade GCSE’s and a Level 1 & 2 in Social Healthcare from Truro College.

During the lockdown Luke had managed to secure several short-term positions in a COVID test centre as a Cleaner, then Administrator and ultimately Tester.  Sadly, after around 6 months he was forced to give up the Tester role as the working environment exacerbated a pre-existing chest condition.

Luke is a quiet guy with a tight social network of family and friends. It was clear on his first meeting with Motiv-8 SW how he struggled with confidence, self-esteem and projecting himself verbally. As a consequence, he lacked direction in navigating a pathway towards further and more permanent employment.

The first step to helping Luke was developing a greater awareness of his strengths, skills, and talents. Getting to know him through straightforward conversation revealed how his quiet manner belied a natural intelligence and thoughtful character. These positive attributes were complimented by a varied and interesting volunteering background in the care of the elderly. An obvious career choice was one in Social Care.

Care settings can be tough places to work for quiet people who lack confidence. Particularly now when care companies are under pressure to fill roles with little regard to suitability of the needs of caregiver. Simply put, the challenge was finding an organisation which allowed Luke to express his qualities of empathy and patience at the same time as supporting him to develop his confidence, resilience, and knowledge.

Barchester Care appeared a good fit. It offered a month-long induction and training programme prior to opening as a brand-new retirement home ‘Barchester Court’ in Falmouth. Marketing itself to wealthy retirees it was naturally keen to attract the top care professionals within the industry locally. Dementia care is an area Luke wanted to specialise in and the hope was he could learn from experienced professionals who would be similarly attracted to this new residential care home.

Motiv-8 SW helped Luke to produce a well drafted CV and cover letter where he was marketed as the ‘quiet thoughtful guy’ whose early life volunteering experience and lockdown Covid Tester role could be seen as a natural prelude to a career in care. Both his CV and cover letter were hand delivered and Luke was invited for an immediate interview. In preparation for his interview no stone was left unturned. Motiv-8 SW’s Employment Adviser Garrin Webb and Luke practised every conceivable question that might be asked. Garrins’ recent background in the care sector helped as Luke was supported to research around treatments for dementia and legislation within care. Luke was taught how to project his voice, ask searching questions of his own and as an interview follow up to thank the interview panel for the opportunity and request feedback.

Barchester were impressed by the Luke and could see how his kind, gentle and unassuming nature would have an affinity with many of their clients. After a period of induction Luke started his first shift to coincide with the care home opening its doors to its first clients!

Luke’s story highlights the importance of understanding the individual and realising that even perceived weaknesses can be turned into strengths.


COMPASS is part funded by the European Social Fund.