COMPASS supports AY who moved to Cornwall under the Ukrainian resettlement scheme

AY was referred to COMPASS as she has recently moved to Cornwall under the Ukrainian resettlement scheme. AY spoke no English and her long-term goal was to attend college and train to be a hairdresser. Change coach referred AY to Positive People so that they could fund an online English course for AY to compliment her Face to face English class she was already attending at Cornwall College.

AY’s Mum wanted AY to start college ASAP as she felt this would help to develop her English and also for her to make friends. Change coach contacted Cornwall College and arranged a meeting with AY, Mum, Hairdressing course lead and an interpreter to discuss this being an option. Following the meeting, the college would only accept AY if she had a full time translator while she was at college and this was not something they could fund. Change coach contacted many organisations to explore funding and unfortunately was not able to source any.

The Change coach then explored other college courses for AY and arranged a meeting for AY, Mum and Truro colleges foundations studies lead. AY was able to enrol onto their Personal and professional development course where she will be able to gain an English and Maths qualification whilst preparing for a hairdresser course the following year.

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